MicroSD with cryptographic protection + Cloud with cryptographic protection + USB token
Compatible: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
The data transfer rate: up to 480 Mbit/s
Encryption type: AES256
OS: Windows / Mac OS / Linux



A multifunction USB device that synchronizes a memory card with existing cloud services, data encryption and restricting access to computer resources.

Basic functions FlashCloud:

► reader for microSD cards

► automatic synchronization of cloud storage and memory cards

► encryption of data on a memory card

► encryption of data in cloud storage

► USB token, to limit the access of the PC

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Data encryption

Do you worried about the safety of your data? Do you worried that your information fall into the wrong hands, that your cloud service account will be hacked or you will lose your card? Just set the options to encrypt the data on the memory card and/or in the cloud storage.

FlashCloud provides the industry level of data security through a hardware algorithm AES 256. Now, your information will be protected. And you can store any personal sensitive data and be sure that it will be available only to you.

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Work with your data quickly

Have you ever recorded a large volume of information in the cloud storage? If you have no time to wait for the end of copying process, just move the data to the memory card, and they will be automatically synchronized at the next use of FlashCloud.

Despite all the advantages of cloud services, the speed of their work is limited to the speed of the Internet connection and synchronization algorithms. The average speed of memory cards is much higher than the cloud.

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Have you ever worked with files from cloud storage from someone else's computer? What if you don't have access for install the application cloud service or software installation is forbidden by the security policy? Is it really not convenient to work in a web browser? And of course you don't want your personal data copied to someone else's computer! But how to avoid it?

FlashCloud is completely portable. The application is launched right after connecting without having to install. It synchronizes files on cloud storage with flash card. Even on company computers, where software installation is prohibited, you can work with FlashCloud and not be afraid that your files are copied.

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Offline mode

Do you have information that you store only in cloud storage? Did you have situations where you didn't have access to the Internet, for example, on a trip, or maybe it was just a technical problem with the network?

FlashCloud stores a copy of all your files from the cloud storage on the flash card. You can work with them even without Internet access. And when the access reappears, all changes will automatically synchronized with your cloud service.

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Backup flash cards to the cloud

Do you think that removable storage is not reliable? Did you ever lose your flash drives? Did you ever broke it and irrevocably lose files?

FlashCloud automatically synchronizes all files on the flash card with cloud storage. Now, if the physical loss or damage happened, it is just enough to buy a new FlashCloud for a work. Connect it to your computer and after a while all your files will be once again on the flash card.

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USB key

Do you care about the protection of the personal data and safe access to information resources?

Additional features USB token enable FlashCloud perform authentication on the web site or in the application with OTP / U2F protocol. Support of smart card standards will protect your personal information. Table of service supporting OTP / U2F authorization dongleauth.info

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Using multiple accounts simultaneously

Do you have a few accounts in the cloud service? Do you have problems with using two cloud clients at the same time?

Each FlashCloud device is tied to one account. Set two or more FlashCloud devices on your compiter at the same time and work with multiple accounts simultaneously, like if you are working with multiple external drives.

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FlashCloud it's comfortable!

All files in cloud storage are available to you anytime and anywhere, even in the absence of the Internet.

FlashCloud it’s simple!

You can use your cloud as a normal USB flash drive, without having to install any software!

FlashCloud it’s reliable

You never lose your information! If you will lose FlasCoud, all your files will be available on the new device!

FlashCloud it’s fast!

You save your time for adding, copying and updating files to the cloud! FlashCloud does it for you!

FlashCloud it's functional!

You also get a USB-token together with a function automatic synchronization flash card with cloud services.

FlashCloud it’s dynamically!

By increasing the volume of your cloud storage, there is always an opportunity to increase the volume of the memory card.

FlashCloud it’s safe!

Data on a flash card or a cloud can be stored in encrypted form. Then it will be available only for you.

FlashCloud it’s cheap!

With a low cost, it has all of the above advantages, which makes it even more attractive to use.

Team FlashCloud

Ph.D. Extensive knowledge in the areas of programming, design and circuit design of electronic equipment. Author of many projects, patents and articles. Author and Chief developer of FlashCloud.

Zolotov Artem


ART manager with many years of experience in organizing mass events. Professional designer with extensive experience in the development of their projects, and Style Guides Disney, Universal and others.

Marina Gracheva

art director and designer

Ph.D. Engage in the design and implementation in production of electronic products.

Belov Dmitriy

design Engineer

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Engineer. Engage in assembling and debugging of models and prototypes.

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electronics engineer

Graphic designer and illustrator with many years of experience, specializing in industrial design and computer graphics.

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